In 2015, Paweł Kryszczuk, a 2nd class diver, continuing the family tradition, founded the Aquarius company. The company started its first steps as a subcontractor of a company co-owned by Waldemar Kryszczuk, a 1st class diver with 35 years of experience. Currently, it is a pillar of the Aquarius company.
Performs the functions of the main manager of underwater works and the person responsible for the technologies of performing the works

Waldemar Kryszczuk – class II underwater works manager introduced the highest standards of underwater and hydrotechnical works to the Aquarius company. As of today, he is an employee of the company and its main pillar

In 2016, the company began to carry out underwater works for a wider group of clients

In 2019, meeting the market demand, Paweł Kryszczuk obtained professional qualifications to work related to access to explosives intended for civil use in independent positions, including supervision positions. In the scope of carrying out works of clearing the area of explosives, including their destruction with the use of explosives intended for civil use.

The Aquarius company has a certificate issued by the Management Systems Certification Bureau of the Polish Register of Shipping S.A. Which certifies that the Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been assessed and found to be compliant with the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018
In the scope of certification: performing underwater and hydrotechnical works

The diving team has E and D qualifications of groups 1 and 2

We have O.C insurance for the amount of PLN 500,000